El Penedès

Live the experience of visiting Catalonia from one of the most genuine areas of the country, the Penedés.

A spot full of vineyards, old farmhouses, forests, sea and mountains. You can visit small wineries, eat fish in front of the sea, ride a bike surrounded by vineyards or drink a glass of wine at sunset with the Mediterranean aromas as a backdrop. Live the adventure of discovering the secrets of Catalan gastronomic culture, local folklore with the Castellers de Vilafranca or transport yourself back in time visiting medieval castles.

We are in a geographically privileged area. In the heart of Penedés, surrounded by vineyards. Cal Joli can be a temple of quietness where you don’t need to move during your vacations or a base camp that allows you to be close to everything and at the same time isolated. We can recommend places where tourists do not arrive.

El Penedès

Live the experience of visiting Catalonia from one of the most genuine areas of the country, the Penedés.

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One of the most magical mountains in the country. A place where climbers, hikers, pilgrims, monks and tourists coexist. You can go up from the village to the foot of the mountain by cable car or rack railway. There is the monastery that can be visited, as well as “La Moreneta”, the Patron Saint of Catalonia. Next to the monastery there is a hostel with small rooms where pilgrims, hikers and climbers spend the night. We recommend you go up to Sant Jeroni, the highest point of the mountain, if you want we can explain how to get there through a path full of stairs.


Barcelona is much more than “Las Ramblas”, “La Sagrada Família” and “Barça”. There are many hidden spots. Seeing the whole city from the old Carmel bunkers, eating in a picturesque bar in the Raval or listening to a jazz concert in a tiny club like Robadors23 are plans that we can tell you about, you just have to ask us.


A city that rests on the remains of an ancient civilization. You can dine under the vaults of an ancient Roman circus, walk through the ancient streets of the historic city center or visit the Roman amphitheater. You can also get lost in the Serralló, a fishermen’s neighborhood where the fish is auctioned every morning. Obviously if there is too much sun you can always go to cool off at one of its beaches.


A postcard city. Transport yourself to the medieval age walking through its historic streets. Home to the famous “Celler de Can Roca” restaurant, this city exudes an incredible gastronomic culture. You can also check the calendar of the Sunset Jazzclub, our favorite jazz club in the country.


Just 25 minutes from Cal Joli, Sitges is a city of beach, gastronomy and nightlife. Sitges has been a vacation town since the 19th century and a key in the modernist movement where artists such as Picasso have passed. Although it is a tourist destination during the summer months, Sitges retains the essence of a town. Hidden places can be discovered such as the Utopia Beach Club, a renovated old hotel where you can listen to live music in its magnificent garden every weekend. If what you want is to eat well, we recommend La Zorra, the restaurant of the famous “Gipsy chef” where they turn up the typical rice dishes like Paella.

Delta de l’Ebre

At the mouth of the Ebro river a large delta is formed. A landscape made up of rice fields, flamingos and coastal towns that in 1983 became a natural park. After visiting all the places that the area has to offer, it is almost a sin not to try the rice dishes of their own denomination in some restaurants in San Carles de la Rápita, L’Ampolla, Deltebre or Riumar. They are always made with fresh fish and seafood.